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Planned Litter(s)



Accepting reservations for Cara’s litter that arrived on October 23rd, 2021.

Welsh Springer Spaniels


Expecting our girls to come into season at the end of 2021 or early 2022.



  • At BelCanto, though breeding dogs is our passion and not a job, we consider it to be serious business
  • Our aim is to breed superior quality puppies with fabulous temperaments
  • We start with breeding dogs that are true, healthy representatives of their breed
  • All breeding dogs have health clearances from recognized organizations or specialists to prevent and reduce incidence of genetic disease (hips, elbows, heart , annual eye exam). We also do DNA testing to assist and guide us in selecting the best possible combinations
  • Only dogs that pass all these clearances are used in our breeding program.  Copies of clearances are provided to puppy buyers
  • When using dogs for breeding external to our kennel we only work with other breeders that uphold this high standard


Puppy Sales:

Please note that we reserve the right to refuse any sale at any time in the process if we do not feel it will be beneficial to our puppies or our kennel. 

Our goal in placing our puppies is to find the best home environment where they will become a loving and active member of your family.  A puppy is a large monetary and time commitment.  The intent of our procedure is to ensure that we can match our puppy to your described home environment as closely as possible.  All puppies are sold on a CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) non-breeders agreement and our BelCanto contractual agreement.  Here are our procedure steps:

  • You will fill out a puppy application form. We will contact you for a follow up conversation
  • Once, approved for one of our puppies we will put you on the reservation list for the upcoming litter of interest. We will list your puppy gender preference at this time if you have one
  • Once, we have confirmed the pregnancy we will contact you to let you know.  At that time, a deposit of $200 will be required to confirm reservation.
  • When the puppies are born, we will contact you to let you know if there is a puppy available for you based upon your placement on the waiting list and gender preference. NOTE:  If a puppy is not available, we will provide you with the option of moving your name to the next litter’s waiting list or refund the deposit.
  • If the non-availability of a puppy is due to your gender preference, we will provide you with the option of the other gender for your consideration or refund your deposit.
  • We place puppies based upon temperament testing not owner selection. Puppies are placed with buyers based upon the temperament and personality traits that puppies exhibit and which most align with your described experience, environment, expectations and our conversations with you.
  • Starting at 3 weeks old you are welcome to come visit your puppies on the weekends during agreed upon visiting hours.
  • Close to 8 weeks the puppies are thoroughly examined by our vet, given their first set of vaccinations and micro chipped
  • When puppies are 8 weeks old they will be ready to go to their forever home. Puppies can typically go home on a Friday or Saturday to ensure that there is a day or two for you and the puppy to acclimate to the new environment.
  • Once, you take your puppy home your more than welcome to contact us with any follow up questions or concerns you may have concerning your new puppy. We want to ensure you and your puppy are happy!!!
Retired Dog Placements:
  • Occasionally there may be mature dogs that are no longer being used for breeding available for placement in a loving home
  • This would either be due to a dog not being suitable for breeding or a dog retiring from breeding

If you are more interested in a mature dog, please contact us for availability


The Questionnaire:

If you are interested in purchasing one of our Golden Retriever or Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies, please fill out the following questionnaire.  This information is confidential and only strictly used in the selection/matching of buyers for puppies.

Please fill out the form completely.  This is beginning step in our interview process.  Thank you for your interest.



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