• 1. How much are your puppies?Open or Close
    Golden Retrievers puppies are $2500 and Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies are $2500; (plus Ontario HST tax of 13%).  This price is inclusive of the first thorough vet examination, first vaccination, micro-chip implant and CKC registration.
  • 2. How do I get a Belcanto puppy?Open or Close
    Start by reading the information on the puppy page, filling out the questionnaire and/or by contacting us
  • 3. Can we come see your dogs/kennel?Open or Close
    Yes, prospective buyers are more than welcome to come visit our facility, meet us and our dogs.  Contact us to arrange a mutually convenient time.
  • 4. Why do we need to fill out a questionnaire?Open or Close
    The questionnaire is used for several things:
    • It’s an essential tool for us to understand the home environment for a prospective puppy. It allows us to better determine if one of our puppies is a right match for you, your expectations and home conditions
    • The personal information is used to fill in the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registration form
    • We are a home based kennel.  It’s important we are comfortable inviting people into our home
  • 5. Can I select the gender of my puppy?Open or Close
    Yes, as a part of the reservation process you will indicate your preferred gender.  Whether a puppy of that gender is available will be dependent upon the mixture of the litter and your place on the reservation list.  If your gender is not available, you will be given the option to select the opposite gender or be placed on the reservation list for the following litter.
  • 6. Why can’t I select my own puppy from the litter?Open or Close
    Our intent is to match puppies with owners based upon the puppy’s temperament and the described home environment.  As breeders we get to observe and interact with the puppies over an 8-week period to get a sense of their temperament and behavior.  As a buyer you would only get to see the puppies at short intervals during visits.  These snapshots of time may be misleading in the puppy’s behavior.  Therefore, we use our observations of the puppy, temperament testing results and the information you provide to match puppies to the home environments.
  • 7. Why can’t I have a puppy based upon coat colour?Open or Close
    We breed our dogs to closely align to the breed conformation standard as possible.  Golden retrievers have a wide range of colours especially when mixing English and American lines.  The critical traits for a happy placement are temperament, dominance, drive and behaviour which is why we focus on those for placement.  Colour is not a determinant factor in any of those traits.
  • 8. Will you ship puppies?Open or Close
    Yes, we will ship puppies as long as they will be shipped in a safe and responsible manner.  Our preferred method would be for owners to come and pick up their puppies and travel home with them.  For those people that live far away we will still conduct conversations over the phone or via Skype to complete the interview process.  If approved to buy one of our puppies, we will work with you on shipping arrangements.
  • 9. Do you sell adult dogs?Open or Close
    Yes, occasionally we will have adult dogs for placement that are not used in our breeding program but are great companion dogs.  Costs for these dogs will be based upon their age and is inclusive of spaying/neutering.  Retired dogs will be spayed or neutered prior to being placed in a new home.
  • 10. I have seen other breeders say they have “Rare White” or “Crème” or “Platinum”, etc. Goldens.  What does this mean?Open or Close
    This is nothing more than a marketing ploy.  Some breeders use these marketing buzz words to give a sense of rarity in order to falsely increase prices.  Colour is not an indication of health nor temperament.  For further information, please visit the Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s website: